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Get Information About Desi Cow A2 Milk & Milk Products

  • Three A2 Milk Recipes That Will Help You Sleep Better

    A2 milk is packed with nutrients like protein, calcium, potassium and vitamins that are needed to maintain good health. When it comes to drinking a...
  • One Glass of Thandai, Many Health Benefits!

    Have you ever craved for an energizing delicious drink that will instantly make you feel refreshed? What if we told you that this drink also comes ...
  • India’s Favourite Dessert - Now With A Healthy Twist

    Bengal and Odisha have been in a long debate with each other about whom the “Rasagolla” belongs to. Almost every Indian thinks and believes that Ra...
  • 5 Reasons Why Native Milk’s Chenna Poda Is the Healthy Answer to Your Dessert Cravings

    Chenna Poda is a traditional delicacy from the state of Odisha. It is also fondly offered in the Lord Jagannath temple, and the locals of Puri, Ind...
  • Make the Switch to A2 Paneer for your Healthy Diet

    A2 paneer is made using A2 milk obtained from desi cows. Paneer is an integral part of the vegetarian diet since most vegetarians depend mainly on ...
  • Mishti Doi - India's Favourite Post-Meal Dessert

    The origin of Mishti Doi Originating from the Bengali words ‘Mishti’, which means sweet, and ‘Doi’, which means curd, Mishti Doi is a fermented swe...
  • What difference does ghee make to your food and body?

    Ghee is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Milk is boiled at a low
    temperature until the milk solids separate. The clarified liquid fat left behind is ghee.
  • How much milk should adults consume and in what forms?

    Most of us have regularly consumed milk as children, whether we liked it or not. As we grew older, tea or coffee quickly replaced the one tall glass of milk. And then some of us switched to green tea or black coffee, eliminating the milk content entirely.
  • How to Choose the Right A2 Milk Products ?

    A2 milk has a higher nutrient content than A1 milk. Here’s how you can choose the
    right A2 milk products with our 3 simple tips. Read on it.