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Mishti Doi - India's Favourite Post-Meal Dessert

The origin of Mishti Doi

Originating from the Bengali words ‘Mishti’, which means sweet, and ‘Doi’, which means curd, Mishti Doi is a fermented sweet Dahi (curd). The popular Indian dessert is known for its rich and exotic taste. Anyone who tastes Mishti Doi once will be tempted to eat again!

Mishti Doi has a caramelised, creamy texture, making it a favourite amongst sweet lovers. West Bengal’s speciality, Mishti Doi, can be found in almost all of Kolkata’s sweet shops. In fact, for most homes in Kolkata, their lunch is incomplete without the sweet taste of Mishti Doi.

How is Mishti Doi Made?

The traditional version of the sweetened dessert is set in a clay pot, using milk, curd and jaggery. While setting, it absolves the fragrance of the vessel, enhancing the flavour. Now, different flavours like mango or pista, and even flavoursome spices like cardamom.

At Native Milk, thickened milk is combined with sugar and fragrant cardamom and set to ferment with a natural culture made from A2 Curd - making Mishti A2 Doi a gut-friendly probiotic dessert.

Mishti Doi - The healthy answer to sweet cravings

Adding the goodness of A2 curd accentuates the health benefits of Mishti Doi. Enjoy the sweetness of Mishti Doi with these added benefits:

1. Probiotic - Since the primary ingredient is curd, Mishti Doi acts as an excellent probiotic. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it extremely easy to digest. This is why many sweet lovers consume Mishti Doi after their meals.

2. Suitable for lactose intolerance - since it is light on the stomach, Mishti Doi, made from A2 curd, in particular, can be consumed by people suffering from lactose intolerance as well.

3. Satiates the sweet tooth - Instead of opting for sweets that end up increasing the blood sugar levels drastically and are a cause of weight gain, Mishti Doi is a flavourful, healthy alternative since it is made from curd.

4. High Calcium Content - A2 milk-based products have the inherent trait of having high calcium content. By making Mishti Doi from A2 curd, the amount of calcium content consumed is instantly heightened.

5. Rich in A2 protein - A2 protein is said to be healthier than A1 protein found in regular milk and milk-based products. A2 protein comes with its own set of health benefits like being rich in Omega 3, which clears up cholesterol deposits. A2 protein also helps in digesting Vitamin D.

6. Low in Carbs - When compared to other sweets, Mishti Doi is relatively less in carbs, making it a very healthy alternative for those looking to lose weight or cut down on carbs.

7. Cool and Refreshing - Having a bowl of Mishti Doi after a meal will leave you feeling cool and refreshed. Native Milk’s Mishti A2 Doi comes with a hint of cardamom, making it the perfect dessert for you.

Make the Switch to Good Health

Replacing your sweets with Mishti Doi and replacing your regular milk products with A2 milk products will take you a step closer to good health. Set to perfection in small batches and teased with a hint of cardamom and sugar, Native Milk’s Mishti A2 Doi promises the traditional flourish of Bengali sweets.