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One Glass of Thandai, Many Health Benefits!

Have you ever craved for an energizing delicious drink that will instantly make you feel refreshed? What if we told you that this drink also comes with many health benefits! Native Milk’s healthy twist to the traditional Thandai can now be enjoyed all year round.

India is a country full of traditions and has a variety of food and drinks. One such traditional drink is ‘Thandai’. This popular drink's name is derived from the word ‘thanda’ which means cold in Hindi. It is a favourite drink amongst Indians during the summer festivals of ‘Holi’ and ‘Maha Shivratri’.

Thandai, though essentially famous for being a summer cooler, can be enjoyed at any time because of its plethora of health benefits. Cooling down the body can be necessary after random hot flashes, an exhausting gym workout, a tiring day or simply when you’re craving a delicious beverage.

This sweet creamy and nutty beverage typically has a tinge of black pepper and other traditional, natural spices. Unlike other Thandai mixes, The Native Milk Thandai can be directly consumed and refrigerated. Made from the healthy A2 milk, our Native A2 milk Thandai has a healthy twist!

The subtle and nuanced blend of treasured spices, nuts and seeds mixed with the nutritious A2 milk gives our Native A2 milk Thandai an authentic flavour. Indulge in this delectable Thandai guilt-free due to its various health benefits!

Boost your energy 

  • Power-packed and energy-boosting seeds and nuts are used in our Thandai. 
  • These natural ingredients protect the body from heat and prevent dehydration or fatigue.

Improves digestion

  • Fennel, nutmeg and pepper in Thanda have anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.
  • Saffron and rose petals keep the body cool.
  • The various seeds and nuts help in digestion and also solve problems like constipation and gas.

Provides an adequate amount of nutrients

  • Thandai is rich in protein and is made by using A2 milk which has a good protein content.
  • The presence of calcium and vitamin D helps in stronger teeth and healthy bones.
  • It also has a significant amount of magnesium which helps to maintain hormonal balance and is good for the heart.

Other benefits 

  • Saffron provides natural colour to Thandai, is good for hair and regulates blood pressure.
  • Available all year round, our Native A2 milk Thandai is delivered fresh to your doorstep and can be consumed to cool your body from those erratic hot flushes at any time.

This delicacy is now available for the residents of Pune and Mumbai through Native Milk! Order this ready-to-consume delicious Thandai, served in a glass bottle and delivered straight to your doorsteps! Enjoy it hassle-free and guilt-free! 

We at Native Milk have ensured that our Thandai is free from preservatives and artificial colours. The addition of rose petals and saffron makes this drink more flavoursome and gives it a lovely colour.

Enjoy the perfect symphony of flavours all year round and at attractive offers only with Native Milk!

Native A2 Milk Thandai is an excellent summer drink to cool your body instantly! The hunt for an affordable and healthy summer drink ends here. Try it now!