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What difference does ghee make to your food and body?

Ghee is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Milk is boiled at a low temperature until the milk solids separate. The clarified liquid fat left behind is ghee. The quality of ghee largely depends on the quality of the cow milk used. Ghee made from A2 milk produced by pure breed Indian cows like the Gir Cows are highly nutritious and hands down the best ghee available.

A2 Ghee is a source of many vitamins including vitamin A, C, D, K and most importantly, vitamin E which is a primary source of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants lower the risk of various diseases like cancer, arthritis, cataracts and heart diseases.

When absorbed in moderation, the healthy fats contained in A2 ghee helps the body absorb nutrients faster. A2 Ghee also soothes inflammation and could help combat obesity. The omega-3 fatty acids passed down from the A2 milk help maintains a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Authentic ghee is made by following the ‘bilona’ method, which is a traditional process of adding a spoonful of curd to boiled and cooled A2 milk followed by churning the mixture to extract the butter from it. The butter is then boiled to evaporate the water, leaving behind rich, healthy and pure ghee.

Along with all the health benefits, A2 ghee also has a distinct flavour that instantly uplifts the taste of any dish that it is added to. This is because ghee burns at a higher temperature than other oils or butter. It also produces less toxin than oil when heated and does not contain lactose like butter.

Here’s how you should make the most of the authentic Gir Cow Ghee and its unique taste. While ghee can be used in cooking in many different ways, these tips will help you add the kick of ghee’s aromatic taste to your meals.

● Add melted ghee over your cooked dal and instantly transform its flavour
● Add a few drops of ghee to your rice for the more aromatic version of cooked rice
● Roast vegetables with ghee for a caramelized texture.
● Saute herbs with ghee to enhance the flavours of herbs without the overpowering natural
essence of the herbs
● Add ghee to your cooking pan before making scrambled egg or any similar meals to
avoid anything from sticking to the pan
● Ghee based sweet dishes - not just savouries, ghee is widely used to make the most
delectable Indian sweet dishes as well!

Ghee can always be used in natural beauty care products as it has anti inflammatory properties and acts as a natural moisturiser, making the skin extra soft.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to not incorporate this liquid gold into your diet. Be sure to buy the best quality ghee made from 100% pure A2 milk or look for Gir Cow Ghee to ensure you are picking the purest form of ghee.