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India’s Favourite Dessert - Now With A Healthy Twist

Bengal and Odisha have been in a long debate with each other about whom the “Rasagolla” belongs to. Almost every Indian thinks and believes that Rasagolla is a Bengal delicacy. However, historians from Odisha believe that it originated in Puri and is offered to Goddess Laxmi in Jagannath temple in Puri. Well, regardless of where it is from, it is India’s favourite dessert, often referred to as the “King of Indian sweets.”

The History of Pahala Rasagoll

Pahala Rasagolla is a special version of the sweet delicacy from Odisha. It got its name from a district called Pahala in Odisha which is a small place, a highway that connects Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. This place is also known as the “Rasagolla Village” of Odisha and India.

There are many shops on both sides of the road, all selling piping hot and fresh Rasagollas at the same price in each shop. Within a 100 metres stretch, one can find around 50 shops selling Pahala Rasagolla. This brown-coloured intricate sweet dish from Odisha is very soft and fluffy and comes with a delicious sugar syrup. They are creamier and less sweet than the Rasagolla available in Bengal.

Pahala Rasagolla in Mumbai and Pun

We, at Native Milk, have brought this delicacy from the streets of Odisha right to your doorsteps in Pune and Mumbai. Our version of healthy Pahala Rasagollas is made from A2 chenna infused with royal cardamom.

Since ‘Chenna’ is obtained from milk it absorbs all the nutrients of the milk used to make it. We, at Native Milk, use A2 milk to form the A2 chenna used in our Pahala Rasagolla, which makes it healthier and rich in protein.

We have also taken extra care to ensure that our Pahala Rasagolla matches the authentic flavour of the globes of goodness available in Odhisa. The presence of royal cardamom-infused in the Pahala Rasagolla gives it a flavourful spin.

The texture of our Native Milk Pahala Rasagolla is so soft that it will completely melt in your mouth, leaving you wanting more! And because it is a healthy dessert made from nutritious A2 chenna, you can enjoy it guilt-free!

Benefits that come with each bite of Pahala Rasagolla made from A2 chenna.

  • Due to its high protein content, it helps in building muscles and growth something rarely found in other versions of this delicious dessert.
  • It has a high calcium level which could help in strengthening bones and teeth compared to other desserts.

Made from 100% pure and certified A2 milk, the A2 chenna carries some of the benefits from the A2 milk making it a healthier option compared to many other sweets. Native Milk’s Pahala Rasagolla is the perfect cheat meal to satiate those sudden sweet cravings.

Enjoy India’s favourite dessert on your cheat days and curb your sweet cravings the healthy way! You can refrigerate your box of Native Milk’s Pahala Rasagolla and enjoy it every day. Filled with traditions, tenderness and textures, this Pahala Rasagolla from Native Milk is about to become your favourite dessert!

Now enjoy this Odia delicacy at special discounts and with combo offers! Order to your Mumbai and Pune homes now!