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How much milk should adults consume and in what forms?

Most of us have regularly consumed milk as children, whether we liked it or not. As we grew older, tea or coffee quickly replaced the one tall glass of milk. And then some of us switched to green tea or black coffee, eliminating the milk content entirely.

There’s no denying that milk is a superfood. Packed with Calcium, Protein, Vitamins A, B, D and many more nutritional benefits, A2 milk has proven to be the healthiest dairy choice. A2 Milk is great for the bones and generates energy to keep you going throughout the day. It contains omega 3 fatty acids that are known to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Milk is a versatile product that can be consumed in plenty of different ways. Whether it’s with your morning cereal, a part of your coffee or even in your favourite gravy, A2 cow milk can easily form part of your diet. A2 milk-based products like A2 Paneer, A2 mishti doi, and A2 curd can also help you achieve your optimum daily milk intake in creative ways.

So how much milk should adults consume to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle?

While the range should differ depending on your nutrition intake, 1 to 2 glasses every day- around 250 ml of milk - is optimum for adults. When you club your milk intake with other healthy foods, you can create a completely balanced diet!

Here are some fun ways to consume milk daily:


  • Immunity-Boosting Glass of Wellness - Kickstart your day with a small cup of A2 milk mixed with the anti-inflammatory turmeric powder and a natural sweetener.
  • Fruit Cereal - Add some of your favourite cereal and favourite pieces of fruit to A2 milk and make a simple, convenient breakfast.
  • Healthy Smoothie - Throw in some greens or fruits with some A2 milk to make a thick, delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie.

  • Lunch:

  • A healthy cup of curd or yoghurt - Pair your lunch with a soothing bowl of cucumber added to the rich textured A2 curd which can make friends with your gut!
  • A2 Mishti Doi - Who doesn’t love a delicious healthy bowl of sweet curd made from healthy A2 milk, just after an appetizing lunch!

  • Dinner:

  • Paneer - Protein packed flavourful dinners are a must, especially when the paneer is made from A2 milk! It can also serve as a great post gym snack for fitness enthusiasts
  • A2 Ghee - Add a few drops of A2 ghee to elevate the taste of any dish and get the right nutrients from your meal.

  • There you go! With a little A2 milk every day, you can transform your regular diet into a protein-rich healthy diet that tastes delicious!

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