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Chenna Poda

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Happy Rath Yatra 2021!

When Bidyadhara Sahu added sugar to left over cottage cheese placed on indian chulha kept for cool down post usage, little did he know it will end up creating one of the most revered and scrumptious dessert of Odisha.

Here is our take on the delicacy. Hope you love it.


Available in Mumbai and Pune only!

Chenna Poda is a delicious dessert from Odisha made from fresh-baked cheese and sugar. Our Chenna Poda is excellent in quality and serves the right flavor. It is a perfect combination of taste and health.

1. Chenna Poda is low in fat and has high protein content

2. It is the best source of calcium and is rich in Vitamin D

3. It is a baked dessert prepared with A2 milk, hence completely nutritious

4. It suitable for consumption for every age group

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