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A nutrient dense milk indigenous to ancient India - the A2 Native Milk comes from free grazing Gir cows at the Native Farms. We are making milk the hero again with all the goodness of A2 milk

RS. 99.00/-1Ltr.

A drop of ghee on anything makes life such a better proposition! The elixir of good health and churned to perfection with Bilona method - The Native A2 Ghee is an ode to good health and overall wellness.

Desi Cow A2 GHEE
RS. 699.00/-300g

For the love of cheese and the one that is protein packed, the Native A2 Paneer is a delightful treat packed with protein and nutrients helping you meet all your dietary needs.

RS. 169.00/-250g

Gracious green herbs come together with a subtle hint of red chilli flakes in the Italian Herb A2 Paneer by Native. Made with natural coagulants, the Native A2 Paneer retains the rich textures and pairs well with the verdant herbs. 

Italian Herbs A2 Paneer
Rs. 259.00/-250g

The Native A2 Indian Spice Paneer is a luxurious invitation to luscious paneer with a medley of rich Indian spices. Roasted and hand pounded, these aromatic spices enrich the palate with their rustic balance.

Indian Spices A2 Paneer
Rs. 259/-250g

When Bidyadhara Sahu added sugar to left over cottage cheese placed on indian chulha kept for cool down post usage, little did he know it will end up creating one of the most revered and scrumptious dessert of Odisha.

RS. 199.00/-250g

Imbibing the true nature of traditional Bengal, the Native A2 Mishti Doi, is a decadent call to all things deliciously nostalgic.

RS. 89.00/-125g

A gift that keeps giving good health and wellbeing, our festive gift hampers are an ideal choice for your family, friends or corporate intent. Let the love we put into our products create value for your gifting needs. 

Gift Box
Rs 2499/-1 Hamper Box

A habit of pure probiotic indulgence, the Native A2 Curd is a blessing for your good health. Set traditionally with our very own natural A2 Milk culture, this is the curd that is rich in taste and texture.

Plain A2 Curd
Rs. 129/-450g