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Gir Cow A2 Milk


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30 Litres 99 Rs. 2,970
60 Litres 97 Rs. 5,820
90 Litres 95 Rs. 8,550
180 Litres 90 Rs. 16,200
360 Litres 85 Rs. 30,600


Native A2 Milk is the best choice for improving your immunity, keeping you safe and hearty. Replacing regular milk with Native A2 Milk is a way to support both your mind and body as it improves cognitive function.

Native Milk brings to you A2 milk from the indigenous (desi) Indian Gir cow which is easily digestable. Structure of the A2 cow's milk is similar to human milk.


  • Farm fresh A2 indigeous cow milk at your doorstep
  • Cold chain of < 10 degrees from farm to table
  • Safe milking methods and daily quality checks

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