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What Is The Difference Between Gir Cow Ghee And Regular Cow Ghee?

Ghee has been a staple food of nearly everyone’s child – and rightly so! A dollop of ghee is enough to enhance the taste of your food and the overall dining experience. But have you ever wondered what kind of ghee it was that you were consuming all those years? Was it just another, regular ghee or was it the special gir cow ghee?

Confused? We don’t blame you!

The differences between regular ghee and gir cow ghee have been a point of contention for quite a while. But we are here to put those doubts to rest and finally give an answer to this question! If your curiosity is piqued, then simply read further to know more!

Differences between regular cow ghee and gir cow ghee

  • Holy Cow!
  • To put it simply, the main point of distinction between regular ghee and gir cow ghee is that both are churned from milk given by different breeds of cows. This variation affects the quality, nutrients, taste etc of milk and in turn the innate properties of the ghee. 

    Gir cow ghee is churned from the milk of the Gir Cows – an indigenous breed which is known for producing high quality nutritious milk. Regular ghee is churned from the milk gotten from regular cross bred cows. Pure desi ghee from Gir cows is nutrient-dense as compared to regular ghee. 

  • How is the ghee obtained?
  • Another difference between regular ghee and the gir cow ghee is the method which is used to obtain the ghee. Regular ghee is obtained using the cream separation method while gir cow ghee is obtained using the traditional bilona method, where the curd is churned in the bilona and the butter obtained is heated until it is clarified into ghee.

  • The shastras and ayurveda say….
  • …. that everyone should endorse gir cow ghee for better health. That said, Ayurveda advocates the usage of ‘ghee’ as an antidote to a whole host of problems. It further specifies that the superiority of a type of ghee depends on the health of your cow. Gir cows are amongst the most robust Indian cattle breeds – and they enrich the ghee with these unique qualities.

    Should this difference matter to you?

    Yes, this difference really matters to you. When it comes to your health only choose the best! 

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