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Pure Desi Ghee: An Elixir for Healthy Skin - Benefits & Ways to Use

A2 Cow Ghee and How Your Skincare Routine Can Benefit from It

Caring for the health of our skin is an everyday chore. Today, with increasing pollution and general dirt in our environment, we need a skincare routine which is tailor-made to combat these problems and boost the overall well-being of the skin.

A2 cow ghee is an age-old skin care remedy. This liquid elixir contains all the nutrients (and much more!) which is needed by the skin not only to remain healthy but also to maintain a glowing look. The Ayurveda and other ancient texts are ardent champions of the A2 cow ghee – highly recommending its use as a skincare tool.

If you are still a little nervous about adding A2 cow ghee to your skincare routine, then shed those apprehensions as we list out all the reasons why your skin needs this magic potion – just read on to know more!

What are the benefits of A2 cow ghee on your skin?

  1. Excellent moisturizer

A2 cow ghee is an amazing moisturizer. The vitamins found in A2 cow ghee like vitamins A, K and C help in softening the skin, making sure that it remains hydrated for long hours. The antioxidants further help in providing deep tissue nourishment, which ensures that the skin receives all the vital nutrients.

  1. Evens out the complexion

A2 ghee contains rich fatty acids, collagen and other vital nutrients which help in reducing dark spots, pigmentation or blemishes – leaving you with spotless, clear skin. If your skin is suffering from sun damage, you might want to consider using A2 ghee – not only does it reverse the harm done, but also aids in removing tan and strengthening the skin against future damage!

  1. Ditch those dark circles and eye bags with A2 cow ghee!

If you are looking to permanently get rid of those eye bags and dark circles, then A2 ghee probably holds all the answers to your problems. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help in revitalizing the skin cells near the eyes – hydrating and relaxing that area so that you feel more refreshed!

  1. Dab those chapped Lips with A2 cow ghee

A2 cow ghee is the best balm when it comes to helping heal chapped and dry lips. No matter the damage, A2 cow ghee not only reverses it but also provides your lips with hydration, moisturization and important nutrients.

Two unique ways to use A2 cow ghee for your skin

  1. Make your very own DIY face packs!

Pamper your skin with this awesome DIY face mask. Take a tablespoon of ghee and mix it with turmeric. Apply the paste to your face and leave it until it dries. Wash off with lukewarm water.

  1. Makeup Remover

A2 cow ghee is a natural cleanser – so it makes sense if you use it as a makeup remover. Simply take a dollop of A2 cow ghee, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and massage the concoction on your face in circular motions. Take a cotton ball and dab it all off.


In the end, we can only say that A2 cow ghee is a cornucopia of benefits – whether you eat it or apply it. If you are looking for good quality, organic ghee, then look no further than Native’s A2 Ghee. Churned from the gir cow’s milk, this ghee is a nutrient-dense superfood – exactly what your skin needs. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in this ghee ensure the well-being of your skin and body!