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Is A2 Milk Available Near Me?

A2 milk is the desi cow milk that everyone is now looking for. As more and more of us are becoming aware of the numerous benefits of A2 milk over regular milk, the switch to the healthier option is obvious. However, the most widely available is not pure A2 milk but A1 milk. Many are yet to find an answer to their question, “Where can I find A2 milk near me?” People are struggling to find outlets to purchase A2 milk as it is not easily available in their local grocery shop or delivered by their milkman. 

Native Milk comes as an answer to your question, with a 100% pure A2 milk certification and the Native Assurance of delivering fresh A2 milk to your homes. One of our customers got in touch with us and shared her A2 story. She read about the harmful long-term effects of adultered milk which is often mixed with hormones and started avoiding milk altogether. However, milk comes with plenty of nutritional benefits that other meals can't match. That’s when she discovered the power of A2 milk. “I knew I wanted A2 milk but couldn’t understand where to find A2 milk near me.”

Native Milk’s subscription model for the delivery of A2 milk in Mumbai and Pune has been extremely popular. You can order your daily requirement of A2 milk from our app or website. First-time customers can try 2 litres of A2 milk at discounted prices with our explorer pack before subscribing. The fresh A2 desi cow milk is delivered to your doorstep by our delivery partners. All you have to do is select the preferred time slot at your convenience. The order has to be placed before 12 noon for the 2-day trial offer to receive the milk the very next day.

There are a number of subscription plans to choose from. Customers can place their subscription orders based on the daily requirement of A2 milk. We have plans ranging from 30 litres to 360 litres. Customers can avail of volume-based discounts i.e the higher the volume of milk subscription, the lower the cost per litre of A2 milk. For all the prepaid subscriptions, the delivery is free, and it can be modified as per the customer's requirement at any time.

Our farms are homes to many happy grazing Gir cows. They are fed with natural fodder so that the milk procured from them is of good quality. All the safety and hygiene standards are followed on our farms. Utmost care is taken, right from obtaining milk from cows to pasteurisation and packaging and finally delivering to the doorsteps of the customers.

At Native Milk, we follow an elaborate process to make sure that all the nutrients are retained in A2 milk, so that good quality, delicious A2 milk is supplied to our customers. Using natural milking processes, the A2 milk is then boiled to 85 degrees to retain all of the nutrients. This milk then undergoes a two-level quality test before it is packed and supplied to our customers.

For packaging the A2 milk, we use biodegradable and globally proven gable cartons. These cartons help in retaining the freshness of the A2 milk. Finally, our delivery partners ensure swift and timely delivery.

The most common question we see people asking today is, “Where is desi cow milk near me?” which shows the high demand for A2 milk. With our 100% transparent process, you won’t have to worry about how to receive the freshest and most delicious A2 milk in your Mumbai or Pune homes.

If you are still wondering, “how to source the best quality A2 milk near me,” feel free to visit our farms, where we will be happy to give you a guided tour of how A2 milk is procured and will show you all the safety and hygienic methods used by us.

Head over to our website and choose from a wide range of super saver combos to start your A2 journey today.