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Here's Why You Need to Consume Ghee in Winter

Winter is the time of year when our cravings are out of control, and we end up overindulging in hot patties and fried samosas, tossing our diets to the wind. Therefore, it is crucial that we make an effort to eat as healthily as possible in order to make up for this. According to Ayurveda, including some gir cow ghee in one's everyday diet is extremely beneficial for health. If you’re wondering ‘Is, it good to eat ghee in winter?’ Keep reading this article:

1. It helps you stay warm

When winter arrives, we consider ways to stay warm, including soups obviously, scarves, gloves, and fires. But did you know, Ayurveda says that daily ghee consumption warms the body and keeps you comfortable inside? This is brought on by the ghee's fat content. In light of this, using ghee in your diet throughout the winter is not as harmful as you may assume!

During the winter, consuming just one tablespoon of ghee daily can help keep you warm and healthy.

2. It is a source of energy

Winter tends to make us lazy and stick to our cosy beds all day long. A2 Gir Cow Ghee is a good source of energy in such a climate. It contains medium- and short-chain fatty acids, like lauric acid which is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent.

For a much-needed energy boost in the morning, prepare delectable ladoos or panjiri with ghee and dry fruits.

3. Keeps away the common cold and cough

During the winter, respiratory problems like colds and coughs are prevalent. Gir Cow Ghee consumption on a regular basis is believed to strengthen the immune system, which aids in the body's ability to fight infections.

4. Gives you radiant skin

Have you pondered, ‘Is ghee good for the skin in winter?’ Well, winters are the season when dry skin develops because of a lack of moisture. In addition to removing moisture from the skin, the dry weather also makes it more likely that the skin will become irritated. The likelihood that the body's moisture content declines are high because most people struggle to stay hydrated in the cold. Thus, including ghee in your diet not only supplies the necessary fats for skin growth and maintenance but also helps your skin retain moisture, giving you healthy, radiant skin in the winter. You can use it to heal dry lips and cracked heels.

5. Aids in weight loss

Believe it or not, during the winter we tend to eat a lot of processed and fatty meals. Contrary to popular opinion, including desi bilona churned ghee in your diet not only aids in weight loss but also offers you the healthy fats your body needs for proper growth and development. Therefore, this winter, be sure to always include ghee in your food.

If you’re looking for the perfect Gir Cow Ghee to add to your diet in winter, we recommend you try the Native Milk A2 Gir Cow Ghee. It is a superfood and has immense nutritional value, making sure your heart and gut are healthy.