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Diwali 2022: Top 3 Sweets to Try

The biggest and most awaited festival is here! It is time to witness every house, lane, and market be lit with diyas, lights, and rangoli. But one of the most important things about Diwali is food.

Just like every other thing, each part of our country has its own traditional food which is prepared exclusively for the festival. While today, confectioneries might have taken over, there is still something special in the soft, tempting aromas of homemade food. You can almost instantly visualise yourself gorging on sugar-laden sweets, after all, there are so many options. But, nothing really beats the classics. We’ve rounded up the top 3 sweets you must try this Diwali:

  • Gur Kaju Katli

  • Kaju Katli in a real sense means sliced cashews, and that is the thing that makes this Indian sweet famous! It is the thin, cashew fudge slices that make them delicious. Among all the nuts, something makes cashews stand out and makes them even more loved when made into this dessert through fine cashew flour.

    But, have you ever wondered why Kaju Katli is so closely associated with Diwali? It was during the time of Mughal emperor Jahangir, that this sweet in a barfi form was invented. Jahangir had arrested several Sikhs in the Gwalior fort for many years. The pain of the arrested people was evident as their living conditions were terrible. 

    Guru Hargovind, the 6th Sikh Guru, was one among the detainees. He helped the prisoners become self-sufficient inside the fort and enhanced their quality of life. One day, Emperor Jahangir proclaimed that the Guru would be set free and anyone who could hold on to his robe as he walked out would be free.

    Guru Hargovind secretly ordered the 52 monarchs to make a robe long enough to be worn by everyone in prison. It was on the auspicious day of Diwali that all inmates were set free while still wearing their long robes. As a sign of respect for the Sikh guru, Jahangir's royal chef made the Kaju barfi for the first time on the day of their release. 

    If you’re wondering about the calories and sugar that Kaju Katli has, we’ve found you a healthier version. Native Milk’s Gur Kaju Katli is made without any preservatives, refined sugar, or unhealthy additives. It is made using cashew nuts, jaggery and pure desi ghee making it binge-worthy while not harming your health in any way! 

  • Pahala Rasagolla

  • From the bylanes of Kolkata and the temples of Puri, Rasgolla is one of India’s most-loved culinary inventions. One can definitely never have enough of it. Often addressed as ‘sweet, syrupy, soft cheese balls’, Rasgollas have their own history with Diwali. Back in the 11th century, it was customary to offer this sweet dish to Goddess Mahalakshmi as prasad, especially on the last day of the Rath Yatra, also called Niladri Vijay. And with Lakshmi Pujan being a huge part of the Diwali tradition, Rasgollas have found their way into our lives to date.

    If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, we’ve got you covered. Native Milk’s Pahala Rasagolla is baked, made from A2 milk’s chenna, making it the best ‘Ghar Jaisi Mithai’ you could have.

  • Besan Ladoo

  • No matter which sweet shop you go to, Ladoos are the most common item you will find during Diwali. Simple and a must-have sweet, ladoos have many variations, each one as tasty as the other. Besan Ladoo is one of the most famous options that people choose for Diwali.

    This Diwali wish your loved ones well with traditional sweets. Especially choose the ones made with A2 cow milk and A2 gir cow ghee!