Native Milk produces A2 milk from the indigenous (desi) Indian cow is perfect for people who has lactose intolerance. Structure of the A2 Native milk is similar to human milk. So the human race can use A2 native milk and enrich itself with the purity and wellness of our traditional Indian breeds

A1 Protein in Milk is strongly linked with various ailments, lifestyle disease and there is a lack of awareness of its impact.

Ischemic Heart Disease

Type 1 Diabetes

Autism & Other Neurological Ailments

Indigestion / Lactose Intolerance

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Milk which Contains 100% A2 protein is good for health and digestion according to proven studies

Easily Digestible may suit lactose intolerants

Rich source of Vitamin A, B2, B3

Boosts Immunity in infants and adults

Reduces risk of Cancer


NATIVE MILK is certified A2 Milk and is -

  • Procured only from Indigenous indian cows
  • Rich with the goodness of protien - A2 Beta Casien
  • Rich source of Vitamin A, B2 & B3
  • Free from hormones, additives and preservatives
  • Easily digestible
  • Rich in antioxidants and Lactose Tolerant!
  • OUR A2

    We maintain highest standards and hygiene during all stages of our process


    100% certified A2 milk Happy free range cows Follows organic and traditional practices State-of-the-art packaging


    Farm fresh raw milk at your doorstep Cold chain of < 10 degrees from farm to table Safe milking methods and quality checks


    Daily time stamp of delivery Quality parameters of milk at your fingertips Nutrition based articles to drive awareness


    " My kids love the taste of Native Milk. With regular consumption of this milk, I'm happy to see that my son has stopped catching ”
    - Mrs Pamnani,

    " I have started native milk for my teenage daughters as I know A2 milk prevents PCOS ”
    - Dr Roshani,
    Endocrinologist, Powai

    " The flavor of the milk is unique and nostalgic,takes us back to our younger days growing up in the villages. The milk is truly delicious. Thank you ”
    - Captain Singh,

    " Long track record of serving celebrity clients across Mumbai ”