Codify Infotechblog2 – Native Milk

You Build strong Immune System

Milk is a widely consumed health beverage across all Indian households. We Indians just can’t imagine our lives without our trusted cow’s milk. It happens to be an integral part of our daily diet now. It has a versatile application.

Milk is a daily dose of good health. It is also a perfect ingredient for various desserts and savoury delicacies. Cow milk can amp up the taste and health factor of a dish. In fact, cow milk is a perfect replacement for a complete balanced meal.

Right from our childhood, we have seen our mothers insisting on having a glass of milk daily. They considered it an effective cure for every small as well as big ailments. As time changed, it has now become a versatile beverage.

We can now drink milk in different forms such as a cold smoothie, or as a hot or chilled flavoured drink. Cow milk is easy to digest because it is not a complex beverage. Some people drink it before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Yet, others drink it early in the morning to feel energised.

Cow milk incorporates some unique nutrients that cannot be found on any other form of milk. It is an old and most trusted form of health drink, which roots back to Ayurveda. Till today, it is regarded as a wholesome beverage for the holistic development of the body.

10 Benefits of Drinking Cow Milk are: